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Tree Trimming

After winter storms or summer heat waves, you may have tree branches that are a danger risk to your property. New Leaf Tree Service can quickly and safely remove those branches at your home or commercial property. (more…)

Protecting Your Home from Fire Damage

Defining How a Defensible Space Protects Your Home

The El Dorado County Fire Safe Council encourages all area residents to review and comply with California’s law requiring a Defensible Space around area homes. With the threat of fires ongoing in the Placerville and Pollock Pines area, it’s vital that every homeowner understands the regulations and why they’re so vital. It’s been clearly established that homes with a 100-foot defensible space around the structure are far less likely to suffer a catastrophic loss during a wildfire. (more…)

Tree Removal

Tree too close to the propane tank? Tall tree angling over the roof? Dead tree? We have cranes of any size to arrange the removal of a large, medium or small tree (more…)

Valley Oak Care – El Dorado Hills

Oak Tree Preservation Takes Effort

While there are several oak varieties native to El Dorado County, not everyone is aware of the care they need to thrive. In fact, many people moving to the area have never had contact with species like blue, valley, and California black oaks. Those varieties evolved to survive the region’s weather extremes, but are now facing threats from the very people who love them – the area’s homeowners. (more…)

Latest California Fire News – El Dorado County