Protecting Your Home from Fire Damage

Defining How a Defensible Space Protects Your Home

The El Dorado County Fire Safe Council encourages all area residents to review and comply with California’s law requiring a Defensible Space around area homes. With the threat of fires ongoing in the Placerville and Pollock Pines area, it’s vital that every homeowner understands the regulations and why they’re so vital. It’s been clearly established that homes with a 100-foot defensible space around the structure are far less likely to suffer a catastrophic loss during a wildfire.

How Can Homeowners Create a Defensible Area?

The most important factor in defending a home from a wildfire is clearing all dead or dying materials from around the home. While the standard requires a 100-foot area around the home be created, it’s wise to increase that radius whenever possible to further reduce the chances of losses due to fires. Every homeowner must remove dead weeds, brush, and tree waste from the defined space, but the precautions should extend further.

If your home has trees overhanging the home, trimming them back is strongly suggested. In addition, it’s important to open up space between trees to reduce the incidence of crown fires. Moving any firewood piles well away from the home is also recommended. Firewood piles should be more than 30 feet from any structure to minimize the odds of fire spreading from that wood to the structure.

Of course, it’s also important to keep grass trimmed to less than four inches high and to rake up any yard waste like twigs, pine needles, and fallen leaves. While the regulations allow some buildup of dead leaves in a yard, they present a clear fire threat, so fire experts always suggest homeowners stay well ahead of raking chores to reduce the threat of El Dorado forest fires.

Is Help Available to Assist Senior Citizens?

Yes. The fire safety council understands how difficult it can be for senior citizens to comply with the regulations and has established a special program to assist them in establishing and maintaining defensible spaces around their homes. The process is rather simple, but there are standards that must be adhered to. For more information, contact the council for additional information.

If you need additional help with trimming or clearing trees to comply with the regulations, feel free to contact Placerville Tree Service for advice or to set up an appointment for service. Regardless of the regulations, keep your property as safe as possible protects yourself and your investment.